Mariton: Summer Rain

September 3, 2013

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Meteorological summer has ended.  The months of June, July and August were wet at Mariton.  June was exceptionally wet with 11.27 inches of rain for the month.  That is over 6 inches above average (5.00”) for Mariton.  The only thing that comes close was 2006, when I recorded 10.93 inches for June.

July ended up with 6.61 inches of rain.  The average for the month is 5.37.  This was not the wettest July that I have ever recorded at Mariton. Mariton received 12.27 inches of rain in 2004.  July 2013 will be remembered for the strings of 90 degree days, not its rainfall.  However, there were 14 days with measureable rainfall during the month.

August ended with 5.90 inches of rain.  While this might be the driest month this summer, it was still over an inch above average.  This August can’t compare to 2011 when we had several large thunderstorms and Hurricane Irene.  There were 15.25 inches for August 2011.

The three month period combined for 23.78 inches of rain.  That puts the total for this year at 39.94 inches.  (In 1997, we received 40.39 inches for the entire year.)  That puts things at nearly 5.5 inches above average; and we haven’t even received a named tropical storm yet.