Mariton: Snow Mow

March 31, 2017

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

I mow the meadows at Mariton each year at the end of March. This year I had to start mowing before all of the snow melted at the bottom of the fields.  The brush hog was able to handle all but the first four passes.  The snow was gone by the time I finished mowing the other fields, so I was able to go back and finish the work.

Leaving standing vegetation over the winter provides food and habitat for wildlife. Waiting until the end of March to mow minimizes the time the fields lack cover.  In April, the ground heats quickly and plants soon sprout.  Walking the meadow trails daily in April is like watching those time elapse nature films.  (Of course you can’t experience the sounds, smells and fresh air by watching a video.)

All done, except the first few rows.