Mariton: September Skies

October 3, 2013

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

We had an unbelievable stretch of weather in September.  Only six days of measureable rain, and one of those days was just 0.01 inches from some sprinkles during the day.  The sunny skies were one thing, but we also had quite comfortable temperatures during the month.  I enjoyed putting on a flannel shirt or a sweatshirt to start the work day.

We ended up with 3.42 inches of rain for the month.  That is almost 3 inches below average; however, we entered September with a surplus of rain after a wet summer.  At the end of the month I still show a surplus of over 2.5 inches at Mariton.  The driest September that I have on record was in 2007 when we received 0.97 inches.  I have enjoyed the sunshine and temperatures, but I wouldn’t mind some rain in the next couple of weeks.