Mariton: September Precipitation

October 5, 2012

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

September’s rainfall of 5.68 inches was a little below average (6.41 inches).  However, 5.68 inches would normally be a wet month during the rest of the year.  In September, there is often a lot of tropical activity.  Last year, for instance, we received 14.63 inches during the month, due in part to Tropical Storm Lee.  The change of seasons also adds a lot of instability to the atmosphere which can lead to extended wet periods, like the one we are experiencing this week.

Some other wet Septembers include 2004 (14.88 inches) and 1999 (12. 07 inches).  Dry Septembers include 2007 (0.97 inches), 2005 (1.05 inches), and 1997 (2.70 inches).  So, you can see that this month shows a lot of varitation.