Mariton: Remember This?

July 17, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

MEBUS EntranceToNatureCenter0217

Since we are in the middle of summer, I thought I’d post a few photos from last winter.  Brrrrr.  These photos were taken on February 17, after the Nor’easter.   I ran into Carole Mebus this day on the trails and she shared her photos.  Her photo above of Mariton’s entrance is a classic.  There are only so many places to put the snow that has to be shoveled from the sidewalks.  Her photo below of the bench along the Main Trail looks pretty funny now in July.  This was at the point of the winter when the snow was the deepest.

 MEBUS BenchAlongMainTrailMariton0217

I took the photo below of one of the (3 foot tall) trail markers, just barely poking above the snow.

Trail Marker in Snow

Here is a photo of a Sassafras tree near the Main Trail.  I like the mantle of snow perched on the twisted trunk, and the shadow from the tree.

Snowy tree and shadow

I like all of the seasons.  There are interesting things to discover in each one, and I can always find a reason to venture outside no mater what the weather is like.  Now is the perfect time to remember how fine it was to take a walk in the brisk winter air and read a book in the evening beside the woodstove.