Mariton: Precipitation Perspective

December 4, 2012

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

We are on course to end the year quite a bit below the average precipitation.  October was wet with almost 7 inches of rain from a couple large rain events.  We received about 2 inches from Sandy and its remnants, but there were other large rain events, as well as showers and rainy days throughout the month.  Many of our Tuesday Morning Walks were cancelled because of rain.

Following Superstorm Sandy, November was very dry.  I recorded only 0.92 inches of precipitation, including the snow after Thanksgiving.  In 1998, I recorded 0.86” in November, but my average for the month is 3.36 inches.

At the end of November this year’s total is 37.64 inches.  With one month to go, that is DRY.  My driest year so far was 1997, when I recorded only 40.39 inches.  The average for December is just under 4 inches…so this year could be close.  Interestingly, 2011 was the wettest year I had ever recorded (nearly 14 inches more than the next wettest year).