Mariton: Night Walk

November 8, 2011

After a busy week, clearing trails, it was good to be able to hold an educational program.  The Night Walk had been scheduled for several months, long before we could imagine an October storm of such significance. 

Because of the storm, I think people were ready to get out and enjoy Nature – and Nature was ready to show us her beautiful side.  The sky was clear.  The moon was bright.  The silhouettes of the trees in the moonlight were dazzling.  (I think someone said inspirational.)

Plus we got lucky.  We had a Screech Owl emphatically respond to our calling.  The owl called over and over and even edged closer to our group.  Pretty exciting.  When we returned to the Nature Center, a pair of Great-horned Owls started calling from up on the hill.  I was thrilled to see people so excited. 

Oh, and we saw a brilliant shooting star!