Mariton: New Library Books

November 13, 2013

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

We have two new books in Mariton’s library.

 Woodpeckers of NA

The first is Woodpeckers of North America by Frances Backhouse.  The book starts out with chapters on woodpecker anatomy, communication, nesting, etc.  Then it continues with species profiles.  Each species gets a half page photo, and a two to three page description.  The photography is excellent and the information is in depth.  I find it is a handy reference when people ask me about our local woodpeckers.


The other book is Gulls of the Americas by Steve N.G. Howell and Jon Dunn.  This is one of the Peterson Reference Guides.  This book covers some general gull characteristics and then dives into the species.  Gulls can be difficult to identify, because they have different appearances at different ages, as well as breeding and non-breeding plumage.  This book uses lots of photos to discern the differences as well as in depth descriptions.  The book covers 22 North American species, as well as South American and incidental species.  I am not much of a gull enthusiast, but then I don’t spend that much time along oceans or bays.  I think that this book would be a worthwhile addition if you did spent a lot of time in those environs.

My friend Howard (Hoppy) Master donated both of these books to Mariton’s library.  They are a great addition.