Mariton: Nature Camp – Birds

July 30, 2013

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.  Photos by Carole Mebus.

MEBUS 4458-BirdersLookingAtMourningDove

Tuesday’s focus at Camp was birds.  Carole started with a slide program on bird watching before we headed outside.  We had barely made it out the door when the kids saw a Mourning Dove land on a branch.  Binoculars came up and they helped each other locate the bird in the tree.  A cardinal soon flew by and their excitement was barely contained.

MEBUS 4465-InTheBirdBlind

They settled right in when we got to the birdblind.  They were teased by a Chickadee that would fly in for one seed and then zip back into the brush to eat it, before returning.  The Downy Woodpeckers were more cooperative. 

MEBUS 4483-DownyWoodpeckerSeenInTheBirdBlind

MEBUS 4482-DownyWoodpeckerOnSuetObservedAtBirdBlind

The kids were having so much fun in the blind that we had to practically pry them out.  But as soon as they were back on the trail, new wonders caught their fancy.  We had another fun (and educational) hike through the woods.

MEBUS 4489-ObservingWoodpeckerHole