Mariton: Nature Art Program

January 16, 2012

Mariton will be presenting the Andy Goldsworthy film:  Rivers and Tides – Working with Time:  Saturday, January 28 at 8:00 p.m. in the Nature Center.  Andy Goldsworthy does sculpture art using natural materials, such as rocks, leaves, twigs and even rock dust.  Many of his works are temporary, such as icicle sculptures, or stick structures built in the tidal zone.  In this highly acclaimed film, Goldsworthy’s pieces reflect the natural movements of Rivers and Tides.

If you are a frequent visitor at Mariton, you may have seen Goldsworthy-inspired works.  An art teacher at Holland Middle School brings her students to Mariton to observe, sketch and photograph nature.  Then they work on sculptures using natural materials.  I truly enjoy strolling through the “gallery” to view their works from all angles.  Here are some photos from one of those classes, taken by Carole Mebus.

This film will inspire you to play outdoors.  It will also give you some ideas for making your backyard more interesting.  The program is free, just let me know if you are plan to attend, so that we have enough popcorn.