Mariton: Morning Kayak Trip

July 28, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Nox 7.27.14

If I cancelled programs every time the weather people said I should…  Well, I would end up doing  fewer programs.  Still, deciding to run or cancel a program is one thing that gives me great anxiety.  Sunday morning all of the forecasters talked about the bad thunderstorms that would hit mid-morning, but I just couldn’t see anything in the data, or on the weather maps that indicated their concern.  I had a kayak trip scheduled on Lake Nockamixon for early that morning, and some of the people were traveling over an hour to get there.  So, after a little hand wringing I emailed everyone and said the trip was a go.

Wading in Haycock Run

Wow, were the weather forecasters wrong.  We had wonderful weather all day.  It was a little muggy at first, but we soon had a refreshing breeze in our faces.  Then we took a break and waded in the cool waters of one of the feeder streams.

And wildlife.  We saw 3 ospreys, and heard another talking in the tree line.  We figured there were two adults and two young.  One of the adults had a fish in its talons and perched in a tree as we paddled nearby.  We saw lots of Great-blue Herons.  Some loafing along the shore.  Some perched in trees.  We also saw the smaller Green Herons.

It was great morning on the water.  Everyone had expected it to be cancelled when they awoke, because they had heard the forecast too.  It was such a great trip that everyone was very happy we did it in spite of the forecast.