Mariton: More Spring Preparations

March 7, 2017

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Nest box season is quickly approaching. I cleaned the boxes two weeks ago, and have been doing nest box maintenance.  Some boxes have been replaced completely, while others just received new roofs and some repairs.  Bluebirds have been checking the boxes for a few weeks now.  Now we just need longer days for the birds to get interested in nesting.

We also replaced the four bat boxes in the meadows this week. The bat boxes were originally installed as part of an Eagle Scout Project in July 2007.  Woodpeckers have bored some large holes in the boxes, and it was time to replace them.  Fortunately as part of his project, Austin built extra bat boxes for the future.  I have stored them all these years, moving them occasionally.  They are ten years old and dusty from sitting in the wood shop, but are otherwise brand new.

New bat box waiting for residents.