Mariton: Moonlight on the Lake

August 27, 2012

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Last night we had the perfect night for a kayak trip on Lake Nockamixon.  With our kayaks marked with glow sticks, we paddled off under the Rt. 563 bridge and saw several Great Blue Herons along the way.  While we were not in a position to watch the sun set on the lake, the reflection on the clouds was beautiful.

Darkness descended quickly after we turned around and headed for the main part of the lake.  The moon was high in the sky and the night air was very soothing.  The reflection of the moon in the ripples behind our kayaks was mesmerizing. 

Whenever you are responsible for people on the water it is difficult to relax.  You are always counting boats, watching for signs of fatigue, etc.  Last night, we had a really nice group of folks.  Things were laid back, so I was able to talk with almost everone.  I really enjoyed myself.  Thanks to Jim Andrews and Maureen who also keep an eye on things while we are afloat.

Unfortunately, this was the last kayak trip of the year.  Because of my schedule, I couldn’t find any open dates to schedule other trips before the water gets cold.