Mariton: Migratory Bird Census

May 13, 2011

Mariton will hold it Migratory Bird Census this Saturday (May 14) at 7:30 a.m.  We have conducted this census since 1993.  We usually average about 50 species of birds during the morning.

The great thing about the Migratory Census, is that many of the species can only be heard and seen in our area at this time of the year.  Some species will be moving farther north to breed and nest.  We may see them in the fall when they migrate south, but they won’t be singing at that time.  It is a unique opportunity that happens for a short period each spring.

The Wood Thrush (pictured above) will spend the summer in Mariton’s forest and breed here.  Still, it is a highlight of the bird census.  It’s song is ethereal.  We should also hear its relative, the Veery, singing its magical song during the Census.  So, join us Saturday morning.  Learn a few bird songs, see some interesting birds, and enjoy a morning on Mariton’s trails.  Photo by Carole Mebus.