Mariton: May Rainfall

June 2, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Mariton received an average amount of rain during the month of May, but it was spread out over the month in small doses.  I had measurable rain on 13 days during the month, plus a couple trace events.  Mid-month (May 17) we received 2.62 inches in one twenty-four hour period, but most of the other recordings were a quarter inch or less.  We missed the big hail storm that affected Crow’s Nest, but received 0.54 inches from that rain.  (I wonder what the melted precipitation of all that hail was.)

We ended May with 4.37 inches of rain.  The average is 4.64 inches.  To date, we have received 25.74 inches of rain which is 6 inches above the average for the same period.