Mariton: Library Additions

January 16, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

The Warbler Guide

A couple books have been added to the library recently.  Book Santas (Erich and Vianna Boenzli) donated The Warbler Guide by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle.  This handy book uses thousands of photos of the different species from all sorts of angles.  (Also showing comparisons with similar species.)  I think the underside photos will be particularly useful for identifying birds directly overhead.  There are also photos of different aged birds, as well as many many photos of females.  The book covers warblers from across North America and is a little large for carrying in the field, but really fills a gap for birders.

Petersons Birding by Ear

Most warbler enthusiasts spend lots of time memorizing bird songs, in part because warblers usually hide behind a leaf 60 feet up in a tree top.  Erich and Vianna also donated the 3 CD set of Peterson’s Birding by Ear Eastern/Central.  Learning to bird by ear opens a whole new world to nature appreciation.  When you are in the woods in the spring, knowing a handful of bird songs makes you realize how alive the woods are, even when the birds are hidden by foliage.

Learning bird songs seems so overwhelming at first, and it would be to learn all of them at once.  I often recommend that beginners concentrate on a learning 3 – 5 new songs each year.  If you add a few new songs each year, in a few years you will have a repertoire that will get you around the spring woods confidently.  This CD is helpful on that journey.  (Just think how many popular songs you recognize on the radio.  You learned them all one at a time.)

100 birding sites

My archery buddy, Howard (Hoppy) Master has donated Top 100 Birding Sites of the World by Dominic Couzens.  Three sites that are a day trip for us made the list.  Hoppy traveled all over the world when he worked for Air Products and had the opportunity to bird watch in many far off places.  He also travels with his son Dr. Terry Master, an Ornithology Professor at East Stroudsburg University.  So, this book is a special gift from a friend who has visted some of these places.  For me, the winter is a great time to pour over maps and guides and dream (and sometimes plan) trips.  To be sure, I’ll find a couple nights in front of the wood stove to investigate this book.