Mariton: Hurricane Sandy Walk

March 7, 2013

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

WEAVER Mariton Storm Walk036

(Talking about clearing trails.  Photo by Elizabeth Weaver.)

Last Saturday, I lead a walk to see the changes in the forest from Hurricane Sandy.  We had a good group, and people asked excellent questions.  It was good for me to see the storm damage through fresh eyes. 

BARTON Invasive plants 006

(Showing everyone the invasive Burning Bush.  Photo by Suzanne Barton.)

In the next few weeks, a company will be coming to Mariton to salvage trees from the storm.  They will be focusing work in three main areas.  During the operation, I will be closing trails temporarily as needed.  I will post the closings here, and also at the kiosk by the Nature Center. 

BARTON Storm Walk 3.02.13

(The group beneath a Tuliptree root mass.  Photo by Suzanne Barton.)

Several people have asked if they can watch the process.  Removing timber is dangerous enough for the people working in the woods, and they don’t really need the added distraction of sightseers.  It could also be dangerous for you the onlookers, and thus the trail closings.   

After the walk on Saturday, I realized the need to do follow up walks.  The heavy equipment will be altering trails and the work areas, and it won’t always be pretty.  So, I would like to schedule a walk during the removal, and one after the loggers have left.  I understand the desire to see how professionals deal with the overwhelming task of removing the downed timber, but I think it would be better to do that on a weekend walk when the workers aren’t actually here.  Because of the timing (and cost) of getting an announcement out in the mail, the walks will be announced here on the Blog and on the Events Page.