Mariton: How Wet Is It?

September 6, 2011

Before Hurricane Irene, weather forecasters talked about how August 2011 was one of the wettest ever recorded.  I have 15 years of precipitation data  for Mariton.  That isn’t a lot of data, but it is pretty interesting.

We ended August with 15.45 inches of rain (including over 6.5 inches from Irene).  The average is 4.74 inches.  The only thing remotely close was 2009 when we received 11.31 inches during the month.

The real story is the year to date precipitation.  At the end of August we had received 51.50 inches of precipitation from January 1.  At Mariton, we receive on average, 51.78 inches of precipitation in an entire year!  In other words, we have already received a year’s worth of moiture in only eight months.  With four months to go, and September already starting on a wet note, this could be  a record breaking year.  (Or, this could be a very dry fall.)