Mariton: Hepatica Blooming

April 1, 2016

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager


The Hepatica (Hepatica americana) is blooming at Mariton.  This is one of the first native wild flowers to bloom in our woods.  You will be able to find it along (and even in) the trails at Mariton.  There is a lot of variation in the coloring from white to deep blue.  Even the sunlight seems to change the shade.  That is why I enjoy checking them day after day.

As Spring blossoms and more people start using our preserves, it is a good time to remind visitors that the many treasures on our preserves are there to view and not collect. Think of our preserves as galleries of art, rather than art galleries.  No one wants to be robbed of the experience of discovering that dainty wildflower or bird feather alongside the trail.  Plus, many wildflowers will die without the organisms found in the forest soils where they grow.  Even here at Mariton, wildflowers appear in new areas as the forest matures and the soil mycorrhizae function.