Mariton: Garlic Mustard Update

May 9, 2012

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

If you walk the trails at Mariton, you will be hard pressed to find much Garlic Mustard.  Yes, there are a couple plants here and there along the trails.  Mostly these strays sprang up after the trail was treated.  There are a few big patches off the trail that we probably won’t be able to get to this year.  My hope is that with all the plants pulled this year, we will reduce the amount of work needed next year.  That will give us time to address those patches next year. 

Volunteers have been a great help this year.  We would still have several areas, if it hadn’t been for volunteers taking on sections of trails.  Kevin Mault, the Stewardship Assistant, deserves a huge amount of credit.  He has spent several days working alone in some of the areas where the Garlic Mustard had spread off of the trails and into the woods.  There is still time for pulling Garlic Mustard, but I need Kevin doing other jobs when he works at Mariton. 

People visiting Mariton might not notice the difference.  Because it is missing from the landscape, you don’t realize it isn’t there.  So, take a look at the photos below:  a before and after taken at the Volunteer Work Day.