Mariton: Fall Foliage

October 17, 2012

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manger

Looking at Dan Barringer’s fall photos at Crows’ Nest, I think that Martion is a couple weeks behind chromatically.  The tupelo tree in the meadow is rich, but not quite peak.  The dogwoods are pretty.  Our Red maples are just starting to turn color, but the change is definitely spotty.  Hickories and birches also are just starting to turn their brilliant yellow.  The sassafras, one of my favorites, is still pretty green.  If you take a walk at Mariton, you will definitely see beautiful leaves, but we aren’t seeing the beautiful trees just yet. 

One of the interesting leaves right now is the rhododendron.  While this is an evergreen tree, it is always replacing a certain amount of leaves. Right now, those that are changing have an interesting leopard skin appearance.

While the colors haven’t shown a lot of change, there is a big change in the feel of Mariton’s forest.   A small percentage of leaves have dropped off trees, and you will notice them immediately covering the trails.  The fallen leaves are letting in a lot of light to the forest.  It is a drastic change from the summer.  It gives one a feeling of more space, especially in a closed-canopy forest like Mariton’s.

Sunday’s walk will be interesting as we look at what is turning and what is still to change color.