Mariton: Fall Black and White

October 25, 2013

By Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.  Photos by Carole Mebus.

While the fall colors may not be quite as brilliant as other years, there are still lots of interesting things to see out there.  On Tuesday’s walk Carole, took some photos of flowers that have long faded, yet are extremely interesting.  For instance take a look at this Milkweed seed pod.  Only a few months ago it was covered with butterflies and pollinators seeking its nectar.  Now it is an interactive still life that continually changes with the breeze and light.

 MEBUS MilkweedGoneToSeedMaritonField1022

How about these Monarda seed heads below?  The patches of this lovely pale purple flower attracted butterflies during the heat of summer, but now they stand with heads held high.  Their sturdy stems will keep the heads and seeds available for animals even after a snowfall.

MEBUS MonardaSeedHeadsMaritonField1022

While we think about leaf colors during Autumn, there are lots of other reasons to get outside and drink in the season.