Mariton: Eagle Scout Project

October 31, 2012

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

This past weekend an Eagle Scout candidate performed his project at Mariton.  He and his team of Boy Scouts installed water bars on the lower section of the Turnpike Trail.  (Another Eagle Scout worked on the upper section for his project last year.)

Because the Turnpike Trail runs straight down hill, it has suffered a lot of erosion over the years.  The water bars will slow down water that is running down the trail, thus decreasing erosion.  The Scout also put wood chips in the deepest ruts of the trail.  The wood chips level out the trail, provide a growing medium for vegetation, and will absorb rain water better.  We will be adding more wood chips to this section of trail in the future, but wanted to wait for Sandy to pass before adding the finishing touches.

This is already a great improvement for the trail.  Plus it helps the environment by keeping soils in place.