Mariton: Down on the Farm

July 28, 2011

You can’t really talk to children about plants without talking about where our food comes from.  So, today we took a field trip to Traugers Farm Market in Kintnersville.  Myron Kressman guided us as we rode around the farm in the wagon.

Myron showed us his family’s operation from beginning to end.  We started in the greenhouses, where planting begins in February.  Right now this greenhouse is being used to store and dry onions.

When one crop winds down, another crop goes in the ground.  This is where the greenhouse fits into the operation.  Seedlings are constantly being planted, so that there is a steady supply of fresh vegetables.

You can’t beat fresh out of the field.  The kids learned that as many had their first taste of uncooked sweet corn, picked fresh.

In the orchard, we sampled peaches.  Yummy.  Hopefully, the children have a better understanding of how food gets to their table.  (All photos by Carole Mebus.)