Mariton: Buckets (of rain)

August 15, 2011

The rain this weekend was unbelievable at Mariton.  However, it varies quite a bit across the area.  We received 3.88 inches by Sunday morning.  We received another 0.83 inches during the next twenty-four hour period.  And it is still raining. 

So far for the month (half way), we have received 6.53 inches of rain.  Average for August is 3.98 inches.  Even that average is skewed a little high, because in 2009 we received 11.31 inches of rain at Mariton during August.  Although it is unlikely, with more than two weeks left in the month that local record could be broken.

Fortunately, on Friday we installed some new water bars along the Main trail.  They did a great job of holding soil in place on a steep section of the trail.