Mariton: Birding at Jacobsburg

May 22, 2013

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.  Photos by Carole Mebus.

MEBUS MaritonBirdersEndOfTheWalk0521   

Our morning bird walk at Jacobsburg State Park started with fog, and ended up with sunshine and steam.  We had a great morning of birding.  There were lots of Indigo Buntings.  When the sun broke out their blue was breath taking. 

MEBUS BlueWingedWarblerJacobsburgSP0521-Notsinging

Blue-winged Warbler

Blue-winged warblers were also very vocal, but it is sometimes hard to find them.  We had one male cooperate and sing from the end of a dead tree.  It was pretty far away, but it stayed there for quite awhile and everyone got to watch it singing.  I think watching a bird sing, is a good way to imprint the call on your mind.    

A Common Yellowthroat had everyone’s attention as it flitted in a tangle.  There was also a White-eyed Vireo nearby which I searched for without success.

MEBUS GreatCrestedFlycatcherJacobsburgSP0521

Great-crested Flycatcher

A Great Crested Flycather was pretty cooperative.  I like this photo because it shows all the feeler feathers around the beak that help the flycatcher catch its prey while in flight.

We also saw lots of Baltimore Orioles, and a couple Scarlet Tanagers.

MEBUS EasternTowheeJacobsburgSP0521

This Eastern Towhee looks pretty happy.  This species used to be called Rufous-sided Towhee.  I understand the need to change names as we learn more about species, especially with advances in DNA testing, but Rufous-sided was so descriptive.

We got lucky with the weather once again.  Next week we end our birding series at Lake Nockamixon State Park.