Mariton: Birding at Jacobsburg

May 20, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manger.  Photos by Carole Mebus (unless otherwise stated)

Birders at Jacobsburg

This Tuesday, we visited Jacobsburg State Park for our birding field trip.  I took this photo of our group on a bridge over Sobers Run.  We had a great morning ramble and got some really great birds.  It was interesting which warblers we aren’t hearing because they have migrated north; and how much harder it was to locate birds behind leaves.  One week really made a difference.  Being able to distinguish the bird songs really makes a difference at this time of year when the trees start leafing out.

 MEBUS CedarWaxwingJacobsburgSP0520-2

We saw Cedar Waxwings (above) right at the parking lot .

 MEBUS IndigoBuntingJacobsburg0520-2

An Indigo Bunting under the power lines.

 MEBUS YellowBilledCuckooJacobsburgSP0520

Price of Admission bird?  This Yellow-billed Cuckoo that everyone saw.  Fortunately, the bird and birders were patient, because it took a little time to direct binoculars into the tree where this was obscured.  Note the large teardrop shaped white spots on the tail.  The Black-billed Cuckoo has thinner crescents on its tail.  Carole was also able to capture the yellow bill in her photo.  Sometimes, that is a little harder to see when the bird is hiding in brush.

 MEBUS LouisianaWaterthrushLock200425

At the same time that the cuckoo made its appearance, we heard a Louisiana Waterthrush.  We never did see it, but Carole shared a photo of one that she took earlier this year.

We had brief views of Scarlet Tanagers, Red-eyed Vireos, Common Yellowthroats, Veery and Ovenbirds among others.   A great morning to go out birding.