Mariton: Birding at Giving Pond

May 8, 2013

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.  Photos by Carole Mebus

We visited Giving Pond Recreation Area (part of the Delaware Canal State Park) for our bird walk this week.  As usual we saw a lot of interesting things.  We heard dozens of Yellow Warblers and actually got to see a few. 

MEBUS YellowWarblerGivingPond0507

Yellow Warbler

MEBUS EasternKingbirdGivingPond0506-2

Eastern Kingbird

We got a good view of a pair Eastern Kingbirds.  In fact, we were able to locate their nest tucked in a snag above the water. 

MEBUS GreenHeronCanalBedJugtownHillRoad0507

This Green Heron was very cooperative and posed several times for photographers.

Warbling Vireos are abundant at Giving Pond.  They are persistent singers (like the other Vireos), but are often hard to find (also like the other Vireos).  We heard lots of Warbling Vireos and even  glimpsed one (no photos though) as it flitted about in a tree. 

In all, we saw and/or heard 3 dozen bird species on this morning.  Next week, we head to Merrill Creek Reservoir in New Jersey.