Mariton: August Rainfall

September 3, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

I ended up with 2.70 inches of rain at Mariton for the month of August.  That is a bit below average (4.62”) for the month.  That is not an unheard of departure from average; we received 1.42 inches in 2010.  But this year has been running wetter than average, so it is the first month that has dipped substantially below the average.

Still, we are 6.25 inches above average for this point of the year.  That is what makes me cautious.  The average usually balances out over a twelve month period, and we could use some rain right now.  It makes you wonder if we are in for an extended dry spell.  Of course, we will know the answer to that musing in a few months.