Mariton: “August” Beginnings

August 9, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manger

Four Fledlings

These Bluebirds left their box a few days after this photo was taken.  I am seeing them flying around the yard and in other places at Mariton.  We had a good nest box season.  In all, 12 bluebirds, 10 Chickadees, and 5 Tree Swallows fledged out.

I am seeing more butterflies in the fields and woods.  The Monarda and Butterflyweed are still blooming.  The goldenrods are starting to show some color.  The Goldfinches are loving the Woodland Sunflower that is blooming one of the fields.  So even though it is summer, there are a lot of things in the woods and fields to see and hear on your next trip to Mariton.