Mariton: Another View

December 23, 2011

Maureen and I talk to lots of people on the weekends that have recently discovered Mariton.  It is great to meet people and hear where they learned about Mariton. 

The River Lookout Trail is always a desired destination.  Don’t get us wrong.  The view from the River Lookout is amazing when the leaves are down.  Walking through the “tunnel”  of Rhododendron, and then coming out to the rocks that lead to the overlook is quite exciting.  The downside (pun intended)  is that you decend 200 feet in elevation for the view and have to climb back uphill.  The trail to the Lookout is only a small portion of Mariton’s wonders, and many people are discouraged to return after checking out the view.

View from Chimney Rock

However, the Chimney Rock Trail offeres a another great view of the Delaware River.  One also gets to experience a little bit more of the preserve in the process, without walking any farther.  Because Chimney Rock is near the 90 degree bend in the Delaware, you actually see more of this amazing natural resource.  Plus, you get this view of the Chimney Rock, a neat geological formation that makes a great perch for enjoying the scenery. 

Chimney Rock

There are very steep sections on both trails, but you only drop 100 feet in elevation on the Chimney Rock.