Mariton: Almost Fledged

June 5, 2011

Two sets of Chickadees are preparing to leave their nest boxes.  There are eight fledglings in this photo.  You can see they are feathered out, and basically miniature adults.  In a few days, they will have grown a little in size and flown the coop, so to speak. 

Chickadee fledglings

The Bluebirds in the yard have hatched.  Now there are 5 babies keeping their parents busy.  Bluebirds are more common than they were, even 20 years ago.  Still, many people have never seen one.  On your next trip to Mariton, you should take a few minutes look for them in the yard.  They can actually be viewed right from the parking lot.

We also have three active Tree Swallow nests.  Two weeks ago, we had 15 eggs in those nests.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your view) I can’t tell you what is happening in those nests now.  That is because a parent at each nest has insistently guarded their keep, refusing to leave.  I imagine there are still eggs incubating under the adult.  They should be hatched by next week.  Then the adults will be spending time gathering food, and I should get a look at the newborns.