Mariton: 2016 Precipitation

January 3, 2017

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

As expected, we ended 2016 with a deficit in precipitation at Mariton. December came in about 1.5 inches below average.   We were already around 10 inches below average at the beginning of December, so the deficit at the end of the year was 11.37 inches.

We ended the year with 40.84 inches of precipitation. That is only a little more moisture than 1997 when I recorded 40.39 for the year.  Since the yearly average is around 52 inches, the 11.37 inch deficit is equivalent to 3 months without rain.  Of course it rained throughout the year – just less.

When looking at the chart below, remember that the average for the last 20 years is around 52 inches per year.