Mariton: 2014 Precipitation Review

January 2, 2015

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manger

We ended the year right on average for rainfall, as I predicted last month.  (It wasn’t much of a stretch considering where we were sitting when I wrote the Blog post.)  December seemed to be really dreary and I measured precipitation on 14 different mornings.  But most of those events were relatively small and we only registered 3.84 inches for the month, compared with 4.08” for the average December precipitation.

Looking back over the year, April stands out.  I registered 8.39 inches of rain for the month (the average is 4.45″).  April was the wettest month of the year (although not the wettest April in my records.)  July was close behind with 7.22 inches (average:  5.48″).  September and October were the dry months of the year, but not excessively dry.

2014 received 53.43 inches of precipitation.  The average (after this year’s data is entered) is 53.00 inches.  Other than the amount of snow that we received, this year’s precipitation was pretty average from month to month.  The highs and lows?  Over the 18 years of my records 2011 was the wettest at 80.37 inches.  1997 was the driest at 40.39 inches.