how 1% really adds up.

August 22, 2023

What does a large company like Patagonia that sells to the world and a smaller businesses like GreenWeaver Landscapes serving greater Philadelphia have in common? They both take pride in providing high-quality services and products that align with their conservation values. Both Patagonia and GreenWeaver are part of 1% for the Planet and donate 1% percent of their profits to help protect the natural world. 

volunteer holding a tree to plant at ChesLen Preserve

Photo: Ed Cunicelli Photographer Inc

1% for the Planet is a global organization founded by Yvon Choinard of Patagonia and Craig Matthews of Blue Ribbon Flies. Founded in 2002, it exists “to ensure our planet and future generations thrive” and it does this by enlisting businesses and individuals to support environmental non-profit organizations—including Natural Lands—through membership and actions. The program provides advising and third-party certification for contributions made by its more than 5,700 business partners.  

GreenWeaver Landscapes has gone above and beyond the 1% for the Planet program when it comes to giving to Natural Lands. In 2023, they committed to becoming a year-long sponsor, a Starry Night sponsor for our annual Stardust summer celebration, and an in-kind donor—donating expertise and a substantial number of hours removing invasive plant species at Natural Lands Meng Preserve.  

There are many ways to give back! Natural Lands is thrilled to have an increasing number of businesses across our region choosing to support our “land for life, nature for all” mission. It’s an all-hands-on-deck effort as we work together to save open space, care for nature, and connect people to the outdoors. Check out Natural Lands corporate landing page for a list of our corporate partners and learn how you too can join these efforts. For more information, contact Lisa Hancock, director of institutional giving.

Spotlight on GreenWeaver Landscapes

In 2008, Jennifer and Greg Nichols combined their experience in the landscape industry with their concern for the environment and formed a new type of landscape company. Understanding that traditional landscape methods can harm the environment, Jen and Greg envisioned a better model. GreenWeaver Landscapes was born.  

Three workers with tools smile at the camera in a winter woods.

Courtesy of GreenWeaver Landscapes

GreenWeaver designs, installs, and maintains environmentally friendly landscape projects—large and small, residential, commercial, and municipal. Additionally, GreenWeaver promotes environmental education, providing instruction on ecological landscaping and design for institutions such as Longwood Gardens, and for watershed associations, land trusts, and other non-profit organizations. Topics include stormwater management, soils, native plants, material use, and sustainable design.  

GreenWeaver believes that not just backyards, but city spaces, office parks, and just about any vacant outdoor space can be a vibrant, dynamic ecosystem. “By choosing diverse groupings of native plants and high-quality, natural materials, we can work with nature to build wildlife habitat and healthy soils,” says Jennifer Nichols. “A goal at GreenWeaver is to empower clients to reduce traditional lawn space, leave the leaves, and make other healthy choices for their own land while creating beautiful outdoor living spaces.” 

Natural Lands couldn’t be prouder to be associated with GreenWeaver nor more grateful to have their generosity.  

  • Q. Why did you join 1% for the planet?
    A. If we really want to enact change, we need partnerships. 1% for the Planet enables us to amplify this message and holds us accountable to a standard that is both substantial and attainable.
  • Q. Do you think it benefits you as a business? How?
    A. Targeted charitable giving is both a responsibility and good business sense. 1% for the Planet ensures that your donations go to reputable environmental non-profits and is a credible way to demonstrate the seriousness of your commitment. It raises the bar.
  • Q. Why did you select Natural Lands as a benefitting non-profit?
    A. As an ecological landscape company, GreenWeaver Landscapes has always supported local environmental non-profits, through both monetary and in-kind donations. Environmental Stewardship is one of our core values, so Natural Lands’ mission of Land for Life, Nature for All resonates with us.
  • Q. What would you say to another business that is considering joining 1%?
    With the current challenges in front of us, business as usual is not sufficient. Our hope is that other businesses join this movement and give environmental non-profits the financial support and recognition they need at this critical time for our planet.

Keep an eye on Natural Lands’ social media for spotlights on other outstanding businesses in our region!