Green Hills: The Rain Garden Rain

June 14, 2016

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager


Sooo, we planted native perennials and shrubs in the rain garden, and we had (a little) rain. But what about the last week, when we have had desiccating winds, sunny warm days, and no precipitation from the sky?

When their roots are well established these plants will be able to handle a wide range of moisture—that’s why these species were chosen as good rain garden plants. (See a Penn State Cooperative Extension list here.)

But until then? I’m spot watering each of them every evening after work. The 125 gallon tank stays on the truck and gravity feeds the hose. It’s a bit labor intensive but my son comes with me and we have a good time watching the wildlife and meeting the after-work preserve visitors whom I wouldn’t ordinarily get to meet—I’d rarely spent any time at Green Hills at dusk.

It’s still touch-and-go but we’ll try to give these plants the best possible opportunity. A good rain will fill the basin under the plants and provide plenty of water for a couple days.