Green Hills: Nomination, Accepted

February 16, 2015

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager


Our nomination of the large red maple (Acer rubrum) at Green Hills Preserve to the register of Big Trees of Pennsylvania has come through. This list is dynamic as these trees are themselves growing, but I can say that this tree is currently one of the largest red maples in the Commonwealth.

Our tree has a 188″ trunk circumference (about five feet in diameter!) and is about 75 feet tall with a crown spread of 95′. These were the figures we submitted last year based on measurements in the field and corroborated by using LIDAR imagery.

I certainly recommend a visit to see this grand tree in person, but I’ll note that we don’t do winter maintenance of the parking area at Green Hills. Today it’s accessible, tomorrow, who knows? It would be nice finally to have some significant snow but on the other hand I’m kind of ready for spring.