Glades Wildlife Refuge: Bald eagles and school children

September 29, 2011

In a year’s time, approximately 6,500 school children participate in education programs at several Natural Lands Trust preserves. Many of these kids explore the tidal pools and sandy shoreline at Raybins Beach, part of our 7,500-acre Glades Wildlife Refuge in Cumberland County, NJ.

Last week, we hosted groups of fourth-graders from Lawrence Township Public Schools at Glades. The students were fascinated by the sandcastle worm colonies, which were visible at low tide. These marine worms build elaborate, coral reef-like colonies made out of grains of sand that are stuck together by a protein the worms secrete.












They also enjoyed the fiddler crab races (all crabs were returned safely to their habitat) and watching mud snails emerge.



But perhaps the highlight of the field trips was a visit from a Bald Eagle, who perched close enough for some great observation.