From the “Weathermen should have windows” series…

January 3, 2012

The weather webpage says it’s sunny outside but it couldn’t be more cloudy, or snowing much harder. And it’s been snowing hard for an hour… I always say weather forecasters should have offices with windows so they at least can be right about current conditions.

This week should finally give us a small window of frozen ground, time to get a truck in to haul out some of the trees that fell in farm fields. If the hard ground persists we will get the chipper back and chip the tops onto the field edges (most of which are also trails) where they fell. And later in the winter we will need frozen ground to get the tractor out to mow meadows.

Today starts the busy easement monitoring season as well. I’ve scheduled twelve this month so far, not quite half of those that are my responsibility.

Our winter kids’ programs start in two weeks too, so it’s shaping up to be a busy month. And that’s not including shoveling or plowing, if needed.