open space. more essential than ever.

Did you know that more than 66 percent of Delaware County is developed—making it the second most densely developed county in our state?

Every acre we save and care for cools and cleans the air we breathe. Soaks up floodwaters. Provides wildlife with habitat. Filters the water we drink. And brings humans improved health and joy.

But Natural Lands can’t succeed without the support of friends like you.

This year, we are joining hundreds of other non-profit organizations for a special effort—Delco Gives Day—that celebrates the spirit of Delco and the power of community.

Show your support for open space and your Delco pride by contributing between April 1 and May 9.

A map showing Natural Lands' land preservation and other work in Delaware County.

In 1953, Natural Lands’ founders—a small but mighty coalition—came together to stop the destruction of the Tinicum Marshes, an important natural area in Delaware County, and succeeded in saving what is now the John
Heinz National Wildlife Refuge.

Determined. Resourceful. Plucky. It’s the stock from which we’ve grown. Just like Delco.

70 years later, Natural Lands’ mission—saving open space, caring for nature, and connecting people to the outdoors—benefits our entire region. But our heart still beats in Delaware County, where it all started and continues.

together, we can have an impact. today. and forever.