Delaware River Sojourn

April 18, 2014

by Tim Burris, Mariton Preserve Manager

Delaware River Sojourn

Registrations have begun for the Delaware River Sojourn.  The Sojourn will be held from June 22 – 28 this year.  This is the Delaware Sojourn’s 20th Anniversary, so expect something special.  Sojourns allow kayakers and canoeists to experience this tremendous natural resource up close and personal.

The River

Each year the Delaware Sojourn samples different river sections, which allows folks to learn the river with back up from a stellar safety crew.  There are also great programs, so you learn about the river as well as where to put in and take out.  You can sign up for the entire week, or you can pick and choose the days (sections of River) that you want to paddle.  The fee includes boats and equipment, camping, shuttle transportation and most of the meals (and the food is great).  If you bring your own equipment, your boat transport is provided.  You don’t need to carry camping gear in your boat; you move that in your car when we move campsites.

Exchanging experience

I’ve been doing the Delaware Sojourn for several years and here are some my reasons for returning.

  1. The River.  The Delaware is an awesome (in the true sense of the word) resource in our backyard.  It is a wonder to spend time on it.
  2. The other people.  The folks that participate are fun and interesting.  I learn as much from fellow sojourners as I do from the educational programs.
  3. The sights and sounds.  I have witnessed some unbelievable wildlife sightings while on the Sojourn.  The scenery and landscape is captivating.
  4. New sections.  I like the fact that we paddle some new sections each year. I learn the accesses, the safe lines through rapids, and other knowledge that makes me confident to go back on my own.
  5. The educational programs.  Biology, ecology, geology, history, etc.  Interesting people addressing interesting subjects.


So, if you can take some time in June, I strongly recommend this staycation.

Good Food