Crow’s Nest/Green Hills: Projects

November 18, 2013

In addition to the invasives management (Norway maples, bittersweet, shrub honeysuckle and autumn olive) that keeps us busy at this time of year, we also have a couple improvement projects we’re working on at Crow’s Nest and Green Hills Preserves.


At Green Hills I’ve set up a temporary panel near the future parking area (which is where you all are parking anyway, right?) that has a map, a description of the preserve, and a notice about the managed deer hunt that takes place at the preserve. We’re still developing new trails here so it’s still pretty rough, but now that plants are dormant it isn’t too hard to explore. Started after lunch and just got that installed before dark today. The preserve is getting fair visitation despite its lack of visitor amenities, but this should help make it a bit more accessible.


Back at Crow’s Nest Aubrey and Liz are replacing rotted boards on the boardwalk and footbridges. By now all of these boardwalks are on at least their third generation of boards. Even white oak doesn’t last forever, and we replace some more every winter. When the maintenance is complete it is a huge improvement.

Posted by Daniel Barringer on November 18, 2013.