Crow’s Nest: Wood chips wanted

April 17, 2012

If you are an arborist working in the area we would be happy to take the wood chips you generate and can always accommodate a big pile across from the barn at 401 Piersol Road (the barn with the silo) We use them to surface some of our trails.

Now we can also use wood chips at a second location where we plan to use them in the restoration of a newly-acquired lawn area back into woods. We will plant some trees there but we also want to create the ideal conditions for the recruitment (i.e. seeding from existing nearby trees) of naturally-occurring trees. That means topping compacted turfgrass soils with wood chips that will help support the fungal network that undergirds our forests.

If you have clean loads of wood chips (no weed seeds) please contact us at 610-286-7955.

Posted by Daniel Barringer on April 17, 2012.