Crow’s Nest: Winter work

January 12, 2015

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager


We’ve made it through the days of single (but positive!) digit temperatures, for now. We took advantage of that “hard-edge” of winter to get equipment out on the frozen ground. We cleaned up a fallen tree (above) and completed the first day of our winter mowing of meadows.

We’ve been inspecting our lands under conservation easement and unstaffed preserves too. Here Cody is attempting to cross over a frozen stream on a log (it wasn’t frozen enough to walk on the ice, according to the guy who went across first to take this photo).


Today the ice is still slippery but the day has a softer edge as freezing rain falls. Too soft for the tractor, and luckily I have some indoor work: photo documentation to map from last year’s easement monitoring.