Crow’s Nest: Why is this man smiling?

April 14, 2014

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager

volunteer day

A few Force of Nature volunteers braved the beautiful weather and multiflora rose thorns to cut invasives at Crow’s Nest this weekend. It’s not easy work, but very satisfying, and a huge help to us at the preserve. We made great progress along a hedgerow, cutting multiflora rose,   bittersweet, and a little bit of shrub honeysuckle, privet, and winged euonymous. All of these are starting to leaf out now and cutting them will give the native species a bit more of a chance, and make our efforts to manage this hedgerow easier all year.

Our gang enjoys being very thorough and takes pride in their work. Volunteer Don Miller is smiling because he is satisfied with work well done. Thank you all!