Crow’s Nest: Welcome summer interns!

June 6, 2012

This week we are training summer interns in land stewardship and environmental education. We welcome Ryan Byrne and Jessica DePaolis to the preserve and eagerly anticipate their help.

Ryan is a student at Eastern College where he majors in Sociology with a minor in Environmental Studies and is interested in the intersection of people and their environment. He’ll be doing land stewardship for us this summer.

Jessica is a biology student at University of Pittsburgh and has worked at other nature-themed summer camps before so we are looking forward to having her on staff for our summer camp.

It takes several days to walk the whole preserve, learn the various habitats and how we manage them, and a few days more to be trained on the equipment we use at the preserve. We’ve also started some invasives removal projects that will continue all summer.

Interns offer a fresh perspective on land management each year. If you have to answer questions about why you do what you do, you tend to continually reconsider management objectives and techniques. So sometimes all of us are getting the training.

Posted by Daniel Barringer on May 6, 2012.