Crow’s Nest Volunteer Tree Planting

April 2, 2011

Volunteer day 2011 (1)

We had a successful morning planting trees at the preserve. While the number (80) is not in itself remarkable, the logistics of planting at three remote sites spread over a mile and not accessible by vehicle made for a challenging day.

Volunteer day 2011

Volunteers carried in by hand the trees and tools as well as tree protection tubes and the stakes to hold them up.

Volunteer day 2011 (2)

We planted gaps along both sides of French Creek, an area near the Chief's Grove where we had earlier cleared invasive multiflora rose, and filled gaps in a hedgerow.

I am grateful to the twelve volunteers who made this possible: Stan, Isaac, Luke, Bob, Chad, Marvin, Aidan, Chris, Dave, Brian, George, and my wife Denise. I couldn't have done it without you!

I should mention that several of these volunteers have been coming out for our spring cleanups for more than a decade. That's a remarkable service. Thank you.