Crow’s Nest: Visitor Center progress

October 5, 2015

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager

The new stamped concrete walkway at the barn is finished. No, that’s not it in the photo below, that’s the old one, in a photo from the spring of 2001.


What’s amazing to me about the new walkway is two things: one, that it looks exactly like the old one—but is at a different grade to accommodate the lower entrance to the new wing (just visible to the left, below). Sharp observers will also notice that it grows wider closer to the doors, as we have been able to watch how the path gets used over the past fifteen years of programs here.


Second, all the work was done in just a few days from removal of the old walkway and completion and usability of the new one. The work was entirely fit into a small break between programs so there was minimal interruption.