Crow’s Nest: Up in the air

March 17, 2015

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager


Today we borrowed the lift to do some tree work. Although I was trained on it last year this was the first time I’d used it—and there’s no substitute for just doing it. Have I mentioned I have a healthy fear of heights? That’s my death grip on the handlebar, above.

While we weren’t able to get all of the work done—many of the places we would have had to put outriggers down were on waterlogged soils that I didn’t trust—we pruned some places that we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to reach.


Cody rode up in the bucket with me, and Aubrey and I practiced driving it from one site to another—so now I am much more comfortable using it.


While I was up there I snapped a couple photos from angles I don’t normally see. It’s not that high, really, but still a unique view.