Crow’s Nest: The barn then and now

October 23, 2013

The new driveway at the historic Swinehart/Jacob barn at 401 Piersol Road has gone in and the areas where the old driveways were located have been graded and seeded. It seems like a good time to pause to reflect on how things have changed at this location over the last decade. Back in 2001 we were working out of a shed placed behind the barn, cramped and unheated, and somewhat lacking in beauty.


Building Stewardship Staff: Bob, Steve, Scott and Luke, and a few contractors, have poured their skill and labor into this place and the result has been stunning—and very functional.


(I realize that this isn’t a fair comparison of photos—like weight-loss or chin-lift advertisements, the “before” photo is especially unflattering. But this is all I had. I’m always finding that I don’t take enough of the “before” photos.)

And here’s a look at the 1815 Swinehart house at Crow’s Nest, first from the late 1990’s. Some over-mature trees too close to the house had been removed and the place was a little rough.

Image 42

As it appears right now with fresh grading around it… Next year we’ll be planting trees so it will look a little less raw.


Posted by Daniel Barringer on October 23, 2013.